Updated: 27 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


27 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

The high operational tempo of recent days continued yesterday, with Allied aircraft continuing their intense campaign against Serb ground forces in Kosovo, and against a wide range of military targets throughout Serbia. On Day 64 of Operation Allied Force, Allied forces flew 741 sorties, the highest number of the campaign so far, of which 308 were strike sorties, also a record, and 74 were sorties designed to suppress Serb air defences.

Serb ground force units attacked in Kosovo included 10 artillery positions, 8 armoured personnel carriers, at least 5 tanks, 4 anti-aircraft artillery emplacements, several mortar positions, 2 Antonov Colt light transport aircraft, and a SA-6 mobile surface-to-air missile transporter-launcher, a radar site, and several other military vehicles and revetments.

Other targets attacked included:

Ammunition storage sites at:

  • Kursumlija
  • Pristina
  • Novi Pazar
  • Boljevac

Television and radio transmission and relay sites at:

  • Krstac
  • Kacanik
  • Stara Pazova
  • Ruma

Logistic supply depots at:

  • Kragujevac
  • Titovo Uzice
  • Pristina
  • Cuprija
  • Ralja

Petroleum storage sites at:

  • Kraljevo
  • Sjenica
  • Batajnica

Airfields at:

  • Pristina
  • Ponikve
  • Batajnica
  • Obrva
  • Nis

A Yugoslav army and special police garrison and command headquarters at Kula Milicija was struck as were a command and logistics post at Livadica and a highway bridge at Raska.

All NATO aircraft returned safely. Operations on Day 65 are well under way. Further details of recent military activity in Operation Allied Force will be given at the regular military briefing at 15.00 CET.

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