Updated: 22 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


22 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

Yesterday NATO used the improving weather conditions on Day 59 of Operation Allied Force to attack a wide range of Serb forces in Kosovo, with the highest number of sorties in a single day of the campaign so far. Some 684 sorties were flown, of which 245 were strike sorties and an additional 90 were sorties suppressing Serb air defences.

In Kosovo allied aircraft struck at least 12 tanks, 11 armoured vehicles, 9 artillery positions and at least 7 other military vehicles.

A barracks and assembly area for the VJ and MUP forces that conduct ethnic cleansing operations in Kosovo, in the vicinity of a prison, were struck at Istok. Also in Kosovo, a militia station supporting the MUP at Djakovica was attacked, as were border posts at Glava and Vokadzon.

Extensive attacks were also conducted against the Serb electricity transmission system in Yugoslavia.

Power transformer yards were struck at:

  • Belgrade
  • Veliki Crljeni
  • Bajina
  • Nis
  • Drmno

Power transformers supplying the Bor copper smelter and refinery and Smederevo iron and steel plant were also struck.

Other facilities that support Serb forces in Kosovo were also attacked, including ammunition storage facilities at:

  • Sremski Karlovci
  • Sremska
  • Kraljevo
  • Pozega

Highway bridges at:

  • Veliko Orasje
  • Banatski Dvor

Army barracks at:

  • Pirot
  • Prizren

A Presidential retreat and leadership command and control centre at Dobanovci was also struck.

In addition, Allied aircraft attacked TV and radio transmitters and radio relay stations at:

  • Kacanik
  • Palist
  • Novi Sad
  • Mladenovac
  • Prepolac

Petroleum storage facilities at:

  • Prahovo
  • Smederevo

All allied aircraft returned safely. Operations on Day 60 of the campaign have already commenced.

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