Updated: 16 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


16 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

On Day 53 of Operation Allied Force, NATO aircraft focused intense attacks against Serb forces in south and southeastern Kosovo, particularly in the areas of Junik, Prahovo, Boljevac, West Rogovo and Pristina.

Aircraft struck six tanks and armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, other military vehicles, some in revetted positions, troop concentrations and military storage and command and control facilities.

While the weather was generally good yesterday, declining weather late in the day resulted in the cancellation of some sorties. Strikes knocked out the electrical power transformers supplying the Smederevo iron and steel plant and Bor copper smelter and refinery.

Other strategic targets included:

Military radio relay sites at Urosevac

Highway bridges at:

  • Kosmaca
  • Kursumilija

Border post at Knjazevac

Munitions storage site at Boljevac

Military storage area at Besinje

Army barracks and command post at Pristina

Petroleum storage sites at:

  • Prahovo
  • Batajnica
  • Padinska
  • Bor

All NATO aircraft returned safely. Allied Force operations are underway on Day 54. Further details will be provided at NATO's morning update at 1030.

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