Updated: 12 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


12 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

Yesterday was one of the busiest days so far in the NATO air campaign over Yugoslavia, with over 600 sorties flown, including the highest number of strike sorties to date. Substantial damage was inflicted on the Serb military machine, and we have further restricted the Serbian forces room for manoeuvre in Kosovo.

Our campaign to pin down, cut off and take out Serbian forces is gathering pace. Among strategic targets, five airfields and eight bridges were attacked. In strikes against Yugoslav forces five MiG 21 aircraft were destroyed on the ground, and an SA-6 surface to air missile transporter/launcher was hit.

Serb forces in Kosovo and Serbia were attacked on numerous occasions, with tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, anti-aircraft artillery, mortars, command posts, several assembly areas and troops all coming under fire, particularly in the Suva Reka, Junik and Stimjle areas, in addition to strikes against numerous military trucks. Even vehicles that the Serbs had tried to protect were struck, with substantial attacks on vehicles in disguised defensive positions.

Strategic targets included:

Airfields at:

  • Nis
  • Ponikve
  • Pristina
  • Sjenica
  • Obrva

Military radio towers at:

  • Vrsac
  • Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Uzice

Road bridges at:

  • Horgos
  • Kokinbrod
  • Popovac
  • Kosmaca
  • Svetozarevo
  • Vladicin

Rail bridges at:

  • Usce
  • Maglic

Petroleum storage sites at:

  • Sombor
  • Nis

Army barracks at:

  • Sabak
  • Cuprija

War-related industrial facilities including:

  • An explosive plant at Baric
  • A munitions storage site at Paracin
  • An SA-6 factory at Kragujevac
  • An ordnance repair facility at Cacak

In addition, a tactical reporting post at Kacarevo, an air defence operations centre at Rakovica, and a support base at Krivovo were also attacked.

All NATO aircraft returned safely.

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