Updated: 11 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


11 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

As the weather cleared over the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, NATO aircraft once again kept up the intense pace of the air campaign, conducting 623 sorties against strategic targets within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serb forces in the field within Kosovo.

In attacks against fielded forces, NATO aircraft struck tanks, revetted vehicles, armoured vehicles, other military equipment hidden in trees, troops, artillery, mortar positions and several assembly areas. There is no evidence at this point of any withdrawal of Serb forces, contrary to Tanjug's news report yesterday.

Strategic targets included:

Airfields at:

  • Sjenica
  • Ponikve

VJ military barracks complexes at:

  • Pancevo
  • Belgrade Army Barracks Avala

MUP headquarters building at Valjevo

Military radio relay sites at:

  • Sabac
  • Sjenica
  • Ivanjica
  • Urosevac
  • Novi Pazar
  • Kosovska
  • Krusevac

TV/FM transmitter site at Subotica

Highway bridges at:

  • Milosevo
  • Kokinbrod
  • Velika Oraste
  • Raska
  • Bare
  • Mlecano
  • Kursumilija

Railway bridge at Grdelica

Munitions storage sites at:

  • Besinje
  • Leskovac Barracks

Explosives plant at Baric

Ordnance repair facility at Cacak

Petroleum storage sites at:

  • Sombor
  • Pozega
  • Pirane

All NATO aircraft returned safely. Allied Force operations are underway on Day 49. Further details will be provided at Spokesman Jamie Shea's morning update at 1030.

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