Updated: 9 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


9 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

NATO aircraft continued to attack strategic targets and weaken fielded Serb forces in Kosovo in operations yesterday. These strikes further hampered the ability of Yugoslav forces to manoeuvre, communicate and resupply forces, thus reducing their military effectiveness.

Strategic strikes yesterday included the following targets:

Airfields at:

  • Nis
  • Pristina
  • Sjenica

Bridges at:

  • Nis (highway)
  • Cuprija (highway)
  • Maglic (railroad)

Television transmitter site at Kragujevac

Radio relay sites at:

  • Novi Pazar
  • Ivanjicva
  • Rudnik
  • Mladenovac
  • Kragujevac
  • Uzice
  • Loznica

Military barracks headquarters at:

  • Kragujevac
  • Valjevo

Petroleum storage sites at:

  • Lopatnica
  • Nis

Despite being hampered by bad weather, five known artillery and six known mortar positions were hit near Gnjilane. Two revetted positions, armoured vehicles, other military equipment, troops, a radar site and an assembly were also struck elsewhere in Kosovo.

Because of the weather, the total number of sorties, including strike sorties, declined slightly from recent operational levels. All aircraft returned safely.

Allied Force operations are underway on Day 47. Further details will be provided at Spokesman Jamie Shea's morning update at 1030.

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