Updated: 7 May 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


7 May 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

NATO aircraft continued to pressure Serb forces operating on the ground in Kosovo on Day 44 of Operation Allied Force, despite poor weather. Serb forces remained largely pinned down by NATO's round-the clock operations and were not able to conduct any significant ground operations as a result.

Pinpoint attacks by NATO aircraft on Day 44 were directed at tanks, artillery positions, border posts and anti-aircraft gun positions. Strategic targets included petroleum storage sites at Prahovo, Nis and Pirane; the Horgos bridge in eastern Serbia; the ordnance repair facility in Cacak; an ammunition storage site in Surdulica; and airfields at Sjenica, Ponikve and Nis. These strikes reduced the Yugoslav military's ability to resupply its forces and its overall military capability.

All aircraft returned safely.

Allied Force operations are underway on Day 45. Further details will be provided at Spokesman Jamie Shea's morning update at 10.30.

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