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Press Release 99-05-02

May 8, 1999

SHAPE, BELGIUM -- During a day hampered by poor weather, NATO aircraft targeted airfield at Nis and Sjenica and attacked a radio relay site at Novi Sad.

Tonight NATO revisited Belgrade in its most concentrated attack to date. These strikes were planned to disrupt the national leadership of military and special police operations.

NATO targeted:

The Dobanovci Command Complex. Above ground, this is one of the residences used by Milosevic. Underground, it houses a major bunker complex. NATO has information that suggests this is now the centre of Milosevic's high command, following the destruction and damage done to other command facilities in Belgrade and the Avala bunker complex.

Hotel Jugoslavia, a location being used as a barracks for Arkan's Tigers in Belgrade and as an alternate MUP Headquarters. The hotel has long been under Arkan's control. He owned the casino as well as the sport club. Since the air campaign began, his forces took over the whole building and have used it as a command centre for operations in Kosovo.

Other targets included:

To confuse ad degrade command, control and communications systems, NATO targeted electrical power transformer yards at Belgrade stations 3,5,8 and Obrenovac.

Once again, NATO attacks were meticulously planned to minimize any damage to civilian infrastructure and innocent loss of life.

NATO did not intentionally target the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. NATO regrets nay damage to the embassy or injuries to Chinese diplomatic personnel.


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