• Melange disposal project launched in Azerbaijan

Mélange Uzbekistan – conversion of rocket fuel oxidizer

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Uzbekistan has approximately 1100 tonnes of mélange

Mélange, is a highly toxic substance that was used during the Soviet era as one of two components to propel small and medium range missiles. In Uzbekistan, mélange, better known as red fuming acid, has been kept in deteriorating storage conditions, posing a risk to the environment and local population


What is being done

NATO-sponsored mélange mobile treatment plant

The NATO SPS Programme covered the operational costs, while the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) and MD2, a Turkish company, operated the assembled and transported plant in Uzbekistan, with the help of locally trained experts. From the beginning, it was anticipated to neutralize on an average, 5 tons of mélange per day, with certified pH-neutral stable end products from the process that are safe to handle and store.

End results

By the end of this project, Uzbekistan’s 1,100 tons of mélange rocket fuel oxidizer was successfully converted through the NATO mobile plant. Logistical support provided by the Uzbekistan authorities was exemplary and contributed to the success of the project, and subsequently reduced costs.
On 12 October 2010, a closing ceremony at the Uzbekistan MOD marked the completion of the project. During the ceremony, the Uzbek Minister of Defense, Mr. Kabul Berdiyev, and the then NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Security Cooperation and Partnership, Mr. Robert F. Simmons, expressed their satisfaction at the successful completion of the project.