ISAF Regional Commander West

Brigadier General P. Serra (IT)

Brigadier General Paolo SERRA earned a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Sciences at the University of Torino (Italy) and the Master at the US Army War College (Pennsylvania).
He attended the 157th Course of the Military Academy in Modena, Italy, and the following Infantry Specialization Course at the Junior Officers School.

After being commissioned as an “Alpini” Lieutenant in 1979, he held several positions within the Mountain Troops as platoon leader and company commander (1980-1982), as Captain as anti-tank company commander (1983-1989) in the Italian Contingent of the ACE Mobile Force - AMF(L); as a Lieutenant Colonel he was Commander of the “Susa" Alpini Battalion (1994-96), leading relief efforts in the aftermath of the flood that hit Northern Italy in the fall of 1994. He also commanded a Task Force to support Law & Order against organized crime in Southern Italy (summer of 1995) .

As a Colonel (1999-2000) he commanded the 9th Alpini Regiment, deployed in Kosovo in Peace Support Operation. Being in charge of the Province of Dakovica/Djacova in the southern area of the Region, he took care of the control of the borders with Albania and Serbia, provided defence of religious Orthodox sites from violent extremists, ensured the security of Serbian and Roma’s enclaves located in the ethnical Albanian sector, provided military control and patrols in the town and in the nearby areas in order to enforce and maintain peace and stability, and began a string of civil-military activities in order to help and sustain the effort of the NGOs in the province.

In 2001 he became the first ACoS Plans of the newly-established Italian NATO Rapid Deployment Corps (NRDC-IT) in Solbiate Olona (near Milan, Italy), successfully planning and conducting the Initial and Full Operational Capabilities assessments (IOC and FOC) required by NATO from the applicant Headquarters.
In 2003 he was assigned to the position of Executive Officer to the Italian Army Chief of Staff in Rome, visiting several times the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Being promoted to Brigadier General on 1 January 2005, he assumed the position of Army Attaché at the Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC.

Since 31 August 2007 General SERRA has been commanding the “Julia” Alpini Brigade and Multinational Land Force in Udine.
During his career Brigadier General SERRA attended several courses, both technical and operational: patrol and paratrooper courses in Pisa (Italy), the Long Range Patrol Course in Weingarten (Germany), ski and climbing courses for instructors in Aosta (Italy), the (114th) Junior and Senior Staff Courses in Civitavecchia (Rome), and the US Army War College in Carlisle, PA (class of 2001). He also participated in the 2nd Italian Expedition to Antarctica (November 1986 – March 1987), ensuring a safe environment and supporting University’s researchers deployed in the South Pole.

His decorations include:

  • the Silver Cross for Meritorious Service (Army);
  • the Knighthood of the Italian Republic;
  • the Bronze Medal for Long Command (Army);
  • the Silver Cross (Long Service);
  • the Legion of Merit (US Army));
  • the Bronze “Urkunde” (German Army).