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Brigadier General Michel Stollsteiner (FR)

Born in 1956, Brigadier General Stollsteiner started his career in 1975.

After graduated from Saint-Cyr Coetquidan Military Academy, he chose to serve as an Airborne Marine. He was then posted as platoon leader and Battalion leader, mainly in Africa.

Between 1991 and 1994, he was a student at the German Führungsakademie in Hamburg and then at the French Joint Defence College in Paris.

During his career, Brigadier General Michel Stollsteiner had the following assignments:

1994-1996: 8th Airborne Regiment. Served as Chief Operations officer in Sarajevo (IFOR and SFOR) and in Central African Republic.

1996-1999: French Exchange Officer in Bonn (Germany) within the Army Staff, in charge of robotics, forces protection concept and digitalization.

1999-2001: Commanding officer of the 8th Airborne Regiment in Castres (France). This regiment was involved in Mitrovica (Kosovo) within the North Multinational Brigade.

2001: Army Action Force HQ in Lille. Responsible for training section and activities (contacts made with Heeresführungskommando and UK Land Command).

August to October 2003: observer at the Hohere Führung Seminar (Hamburg).

Military Assistant to the Commander during the “Operation Licorne” in Ivory Coast.

2004-2007: Army staff in Paris ( Chief Army Ops Dept).

Being promoted Brigadier General on 1 August 2007, he’s currently serving in Lille as Chief of the Operational Army Staff and Ops division (CFAT).

His main awards are: Officer of the Légion d’honneur, Officer of the Ordre national du Mérite and 2 recommendations.

Married to Veronique, Michel Stollsteiner has 4 sons.