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Brigadier General Marcel Druart (FR)

Brigadier General Marcel DRUART was born on 6 November, 1956, in DOUAI (Nord). He is married and has got three children.

Enlisting in the Army on 1 September, 1977, at the Military High School of AIX-EN-PROVENCE, he was admitted to the Saint Cyr Military Academy (Class of Général ROLLET, 1978 - 1980). He then elected to serve in the Infantry.

After a one-year training course at the Infantry Branch School of MONTPELLIER (1980 - 1981), he chose the Mountain Troops and the 7th Mountain Infantry Battalion in BOURG-SAINT-MAURICE where he served from 1981 to 1989, first as a Platoon Leader, then as a Company Commander.

On completion of his command time, he was posted to the Staff of the Army Directorate of Higher Military Studies (DEMSAT). In 1992, he was admitted to the French War College (ESG) as a member of the 106th Class before completing his education at the Joint Service Defence College (CID) as a member of its first class.

As a graduate of the Joint Service Defence College, he was assigned for two years as S3 to the 13th Mountain Infantry Battalion in CHAMBÉRY.

In 1996, he was transferred to the Staff of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade as G3.

After two years spent in GRENOBLE (Isère), he took over the 13th Mountain Infantry Battalion.

In September 2000, he left his command for a posting to the Army Staff, first as a Section Head within the Office of Operational Readiness, then as a Project Officer for the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Logistics.

In 2004, he was admitted for courses at the Joint Centre for Higher Military Studies (CHEM) (54th Class) and at the IHEDN (57th Class). He stayed on at the CHEM as a member of the Faculty before being appointed to the Operations Division of the Armed Forces Joint Staff where he was a Section Head for two years.

Brigadier GeneralDRUART has been deployed in overseas operations as a Platoon Leader in Lebanon in 1983, as S3 in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995, as G2 in Albania in 1997 and as Commanding Officer of a combined arms battlegroup in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2000.

Promoted to Brigadier General on 1 August, 2008, he was appointed Commander of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade.

He is qualified as a High Mountain Unit Commander and as a parachutist.

Brigadier GeneralDRUART is a Knight of the Légion d’Honneur.