News Releases 2009

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Afghan Civilian Killed In Traffic Accident

Generals respond to insurgent attack

Operational Update, 16 November 2009

Operational Update, 15 November 2009

Operational Update, 14 November 2009

Operational Update, 13 November 2009

Operational Update, 12 November 2009

Operational Update, 11 November 2009

Operational Update, 10 November 2009

Operational Update, 9 November 2009

Update to Search Operation Casualties

audioOctobertop top

Operational Update: Militants Detained

Missing Crew and Aircraft Recovered

ISAF Casualties

ISAF Responds to Rumors

US Funded Afghan Army Barracks Opens

Afghans Take Message To The Airwaves

ISAF Service Members killed in Wardak

audioSeptembertop top

ISAF Service Members Killed in Kabul

ISAF Investigates Kunduz Air Strike

ISAF Air Strike in Kunduz Province

audioAugusttop top

ISAF service member killed in attack

audioJulytop top

Insurgents Attack Medical Mission

Insurgent attack wounds Afghans

One Afghan killed, five wounded in Zabul

ANSF, ISAF increase pressure on insurgents

ISAF Panjshir PRT changeover

ANSF, ISAF forces stop attack on Jalalabad

Soldiers provide medical care to local boy

Operation Khanjar Update

ISAF soldiers complete new school

ISAF helicopter makes emergency landing

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ANSF, ISAF target IED networks

Afghan killed in vehicle incident

Third victim dies in unprovoked insurgent attack

Successfully nurturing ANA leadership

Four Afghans injured by mortars

ISAF paratroopers discover weapons caches

ISAF Headquarters hosts AIESEC conference

Relief Goods Arrive in Aybak

Counter-IED training lane opens in Uruzgan

Zabul school back in business

ANSF, ISAF smash Taliban drugs factories

ANSF, ISAF successes in Uzbeen Valley

61 RPGs seized in Paktia raids

ANSF, ISAF stop attack in Khost

ANP, ISAF find large weapons cache

ISAF kills senior Taliban in Helmand

ISAF saving Afghan lives

Afghan journalists visit Garmsir bazaar

ISAF uses new IED detection vehicles

audioMaytop top

ISAF reports the deaths of two soldiers

ISAF helps repair Zabul bridge

Airstrike kills Afghan civilian

ISAF aircraft incident in southern Afghanistan

Czech PRT trains ANP in Logar

Intense fighting in Marjah

Afghans killed during insurgent attack

ISAF base prepares for new troops

Afghan killed during vehicle incident

ISAF condemns Khowst insurgent attacks

Insurgent attack injures children

ANA brings out the big guns in Helmand

audioApriltop top

New RC-West Commander visits FOB Leimbach

ISAF kills 18 insurgents in Konar

audioMarchtop top

ANA medics training to save their own

ISAF surgeon saving Afghan lives

Contracted aircraft makes hard landing

ISAF medics saving lives in Sangin

Boy injured by insurgents near Kajaki

Statement by COMISAF

Afghan boy injured in traffic accident

PRT completes four projects in Herat

Civilian Casualties in Sangin

ISAF vehicle accident kills Afghan local

Eight-year-old boy treated by ISAF doctors

audioFebruarytop top

PRTs exchange ideas at ISAF

ISAF, Afghan leaders respond to protest

Deadly explosives exposed

Winter kits distributed in Konar

Three civilians injured in northern Sangin

Civilians injured in Sangin operation

First police substation opens in Uruzgan

ISAF, ANP put it in writing in RC South

Rise of the Phoenix in Afghanistan

Building a legal foundation in Afghanistan

Afghans in a bid to restore Afghanistan

Miliband visits southern Afghanistan

ISAF soldier died in southern Afghanistan

German OMLT Six trains ANA

Riot training for Afghan prison guards

Civilian casualty incident in Uruzgan

Clinic gives 'Hope' to Afghan village

Commander ISAF, condemns Kabul attacks

IED strike in Nangarhar

Two ISAF service members killed by IED

Swedish PRT holds press conference

Germans provide jobs to local Afghans

ISAF closes outpost in Konar province

Commander ISAF, condemns suicide attack

Local Afghan casualties in Nad Ali

audioJanuarytop top

New shopping district opens in Uruzgan

Progress visible in Baluchi Valley

Insurgent armourer captured

ISAF senior leaders visit RC-West

Afghan child injured in Kapisa

Escalation of force incident in Gereshk

ISAF counters insurgent attack

Italian Chinooks load largest BV-206

RC West PRT commanders meet

ISAF successfully targets Taliban leader

German CIMIC hosts PRT meeting

ANP thwart Vehicle-Borne IED attack

RC West donates supplies to DIAG

ISAF forces kill key insurgent commander

Update yourself on all matters ISAF

Commander ISAF, condemns suicide attack

CHA PRT supports ANP in Chagcharan

ANA and MSOC-I aid local villages

ANA takes the lead in recent operation

Update yourself on all matters ISAF

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