27 Oct. 2009
PR# 2009-xxx

Missing Crew and Aircraft Recovered

KABUL, Afghanistan - International Security Assistance Forces recovered the remains of three civilian crew members and the wreckage of an aircraft missing since October 13 in the rugged mountains of northeast Afghanistan.

The crew was flying an Army C-12 Huron when they failed to return to Bagram Airfield after a routine mission during the early morning hours of October 13 above Nuristan province.

Due to continued recovery efforts, information was not immediately released so as to not interfere with the operations. Upon visible inspection of the site, the mission changed from search and rescue to search and recovery.

The incident is under investigation, though hostile action is not believed to be the cause of the crash.

Additionally, a UH-60 en route to the recovery site on October 17 experienced a strong downdraft and performed a hard landing near the site. All crew members were rescued. On October 21 the aircraft was stripped of its sensitive and useable parts, and the aircraft was destroyed in place October 25 due to the mountainous terrain and elevation preventing aircraft recovery operations. Hostile action was not involved in this incident.

Any questions dealing with the civilian personnel of the C-12 can be referred to Thomas Casey, Lockheed Martin Readiness & Stability Operations Communications and Public Affairs at (301) 543-5536, cell phone at (443) 458-2457 or via e-mail at thomas.h.casey@lmco.com. For all other questions, contact IJC Public Affairs Office.

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