26 Oct. 2009
PR# 2009-761

International Forces helicopters involved in incidents in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan - Two International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) helicopters were involved in what was believed to be a mid-air collision in southern Afghanistan this morning.

Four ISAF service members were killed and two others injured in the incident. The incident is currently being investigated, but it is confirmed that hostile fire was not involved.

U.S. spokesman Colonel Wayne Shanks, confirms the four ISAF service members were from the U.S.

In another unrelated incident, a joint, international security force searched a suspected compound believed to harbour insurgents conducting activities related to narcotics trafficking in western Afghanistan. During the operation, insurgent forces engaged the joint force and more than a dozen enemy fighters were killed in the ensuing fire fight.

As the joint force was departing the area, one helicopter went down due to unconfirmed reasons. Military casualties are reported and a recovery operation is underway.

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