24 Sep. 2009
PR# 2009-721

Operational Update - Afghan-International Security Forces Conduct Searches in South, North, East Afghanistan, Detain Militants

Militants Detained, Killed

KABUL, Afghanistan - Joint Afghan and international security forces searched multiple compounds and buildings during operations to disrupt militant elements and detained several suspected Taliban militants in separate operations in Helmand, Kandahar, Kunduz and Wardak provinces, Sept 23-24.

A combined force conducted an operation in Helmand to disrupt a Taliban element working in that province. In Kandahar, a force searched compounds known to be used by a Taliban facilitator for financing and the supplying of weapons, equipment and fighters into the region. A combined force searched a series of buildings in Kunduz known to be used by a Taliban element for financial and logistical support to operations in the region. In Wardak a force searched compounds known to be used by a Taliban commander to conduct several improvised explosive device attacks in the region.

While conducting operations in Garmser district in Helmand province and in a village southwest of Kandahar City in Kandahar province forces received hostile fire. Reacting defensively to the small arms attack and precisely to prevent civilians from being harmed, they killed several militants.

In Kandahar the force recovered a number of AK-47 rifles, fragmentation grenades, rocket propelled grenade rounds, belt-fed ammunition, tactical vests and communication gear.  All weapons and ammunition were destroyed in place.

Operations in Wardak and Kunduz occurred without incident and no shots were fired in either location.

No Afghan civilians were harmed during the operations.

No ISAF members were killed in the last 24 hours.

Afghan and international security forces consistently combine their experience, skills and resources to eliminate the Taliban threat and to ensure the safety and well-being of all Afghan civilians.

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