04 Sep. 2009
PR# 2009-664

ISAF Investigates Kunduz Air Strike

KABUL, Afghanistan - ISAF is currently conducting a thorough investigation in close coordination with local and national Afghan government officials, following reports that civilians may have been killed or injured in an ISAF air strike earlier today in Kunduz Province. ISAF always takes reports of civilian casualties seriously and remains concerned with the welfare of Afghans.

"ISAF targeted a large number of insurgents who had stolen two fuel trucks. While the air strike was clearly directed at the insurgents, ISAF will do whatever is necessary to help the community including medical assistance and evacuation as requested," said Brigadier General Eric Tremblay, ISAF Spokesperson. "ISAF regrets any unnecessary loss of human life and is deeply concerned for the suffering that this action may have caused to our Afghan friends."

On the evening of Sept. 3, the Kunduz Operational Command Center reported that two fuel trucks were stolen by insurgents. ISAF troops located the trucks on the banks of the Kunduz River. After forces observed insurgent activity, and believing civilians were not in the area, the local ISAF commander authorized an air strike. A large number of insurgents are believed to have been killed or injured and the fuel trucks were destroyed in the attack.

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