16 May. 2009
PR# 2009-372

ISAF base prepares for new troops

Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan - FOB being constructed for an inbound Marine Corps Battalion, as seen from a helicopter transporting military personnel to the base. The camp is currently under construction with support buildings to be used by an incoming Marine Expeditionary Battalion. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan - A joint effort is in place at Camp Dwyer, Helmand province as the base prepares for an incoming Marine brigade. British and American forces are working together providing the security and labour required to ensure the camp is fully operational.

“The mission of this Forward Operating Base (FOB) is to protect the combat air power for the southern Helmand province,” said Air Force Captain Vincent Rea, Officer-in-charge, RED HORSE (Rapid Engineered Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron Engineers). “The incoming Marine unit will take over for the British as a roving security presence in the local area.”

A small element from Navy Mobile Construction Battalion FIVE leads the build-up at Camp Dwyer.

Navy Seabee Builder First Class, Douglas Elsass, Safety officer and project supervisor at FOB Dwyer said his Seabees have, “hit the ground running” since their arrival at the expanding camp. A Seabee is a naval engineer.

“Our first mission here was to get security posted around this FOB,” said Elsass. “We created over 19,000 feet of berms and a number of guard towers.”

“Now that security is set,” he continued, “force protection can get out there and we can start constructing billeting for all the Marines that will be rolling in soon.”

Navy Lieutenant David Olberg, Fast action officer for 25th Naval Construction Regiment (25 NCR) described the mission for the base and the challenges that have been faced with its operational expansion.

“Dwyer is going to be the home base for the regimental combat team, their infantry battalions and other support elements,” said Olberg. “They are going to be pushing out the combat operating posts in Helmand province to conduct forward operations.”

As FOB Dwyer’s scheduled date for operation draws closer, the joint services have great things to say about their camaraderie and work relationship.

“I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about the other organisations working beside us, said Captain Rea. “They have been more than willing to share assets with us to keep projects going.”

“The friendship is good between my British troops and our American counterparts here,” said British Warrant Officer 2 Trevor Bell, Light Dragoons battle group. “If there is anything that we need, we will go to the Seabees or the Air Force.”

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