04 Apr. 2009
PR# 2009-309

200 Afghan Border Police Officers graduate from development program

KABUL, Afghanistan - A graduation ceremony was held for 200 members of the Afghan Border Police (ABP), from the 3rd Zone, who completed a seven-week Focused Border Development Training Program at the ABP Border Centre in Spin Buldak on 2 April.

The program is a joint training venture between International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Regional Command South (RC-S) and the Afghan Regional Security Integration Command (ARSIC) South. It was developed to further train Afghans who have elected to serve in the ABP force by providing extended instruction on infantry patrolling, vehicle maintenance and other operations such as road blocks and entry control point procedures.

“We developed this program to better train the ABP because we saw their initial training was either lacking or nonexistent,” said U.S. Army Colonel William Hix, Commander, ARSIC-South, during a meet-and-greet with 3rd Zone Border Police Chief, Major General Siafullah Hakim.

Hix also explained that the development of this program was just the first step in rebuilding Afghan forces at the borders. Currently, the 3rd Zone of the ABP covers the borders with Iran and Pakistan.

“We are happy to inform that we are currently planning construction projects to build or refurbish established ABP forts and centres all along the south,” he said.

Hix said he hoped to see the construction projects completed before the end of the year.

Hakim joined Hix in handing out certificates of completion to the graduates, and commended his officers on their “great courage in accepting further training to make them a stronger force that will aid in keeping control, if not ridding Afghanistan, of insurgents.”

“I am confident this police force will provide the security needed,” Hakim continued. “The people will see us and depend on us, and that will be our greatest accomplishment.”

As this is the first group from the ABP 3rd zone to complete this specially developed training program, RC-South and ARSIC-South leaders hope to see at least six graduations a year over the next four years.

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