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27 Mar. 2009
PR# 2009-291

ISAF, ANA troops strike at insurgents in Helmand

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan National Army (ANA) and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops launched an operation to strike at insurgents in Marjah, central Helmand, on 19 March. The 700-strong force, involved in Operation AABI TOORAH, meaning “Blue Sword,” successfully targeted insurgents in a region where they were known to meet, equip and train their followers.

The operation was followed by a shura held by District Governor Habibullah and the Nad-E Ali District Community Council; with elders from Marjah. The shura was aimed at empowering the people of Marjah to express their wishes for development, through representatives on the Nad-E Ali District Community Council

“The enemy wanted to attack Nad-E Ali district but failed; our brave ANA, ANP and ISAF forces raided them and defeated them. Three bridges next to the school have been built; the boundary walls of the clinic, repair of town roads, and ditch clearance are in progress,” said Nad-e Ali District Governor Habibullah. “Accommodation for the ANP will soon be built. Canal work is being planned now and schools and clinics will, again, be built in Marjah in response to the people’s requests. An operation will soon be conducted in the Marjah area and the Community Council involving elders from Nawa, Marjah and Nad-E Ali, will also be prepared to serve the people of Marjah.”

“This was a very successful, deliberate joint operation that demonstrated clearly to the enemy that the Task Force continues to operate where and when it chooses,” said Lieutenant Colonel Al Litster, Royal Marines, Chief of Operations for Task Force Helmand. “We will continue to erode the capability and influence of the enemy and enable the extension of legitimate governance throughout Helmand.”


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