17 Mar. 2009
PR# 2009-252

ISAF forces successfully target sought after insurgents in northern Helmand

KABUL, Afghanistan - Members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have killed a sought after insurgent, Jamaluddin Hanifi, near Now Zad in Helmand Province on 16 March. In the same precision air strike, another prominent facilitator of the insurgency, Maulawi Mohammed Saddiq was also killed along with two associates. 

Jamaluddin Hanifi first came to prominence in early 2008. He established himself as an integral member of the insurgency in Now Zad, and was heavily involved in several Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks, ambushes and the planning and execution of conventional attacks.

Hanifi was originally appointed by Mullah Abdul Rahim who is now in custody in Pakistan. Following the incarceration of Rahim, Hanifi answered to senior Taliban, Abdul Qayoum Zakir and Mullah Naim Barich, who direct insurgent activity from outside Afghanistan.

Maulawi Mohammad Saddiq came to view as an insurgent facilitator in late 2008. Involved in several illegal activities including the procurement of IEDs and other military hardware from Now Zad into central Helmand, Saddiq was also one of the main authors of the Taliban regulations for Helmand province.

Maulawi Mohammad Saddiq was a close associate of the well know central Helmand Taliban, Maulawi Sayed Rahman and answered to senior Taliban, Akhtar Mohammed Mansour and Mullah Naim Barich, who direct insurgent activity from outside Afghanistan.

The operation took place in an isolated area near Now Zad. Prior to the attack, checks were carried out to ensure no civilians were in the vicinity.

The death of Jamaluddin Hanifi and Maulawi Mohammad Saddiq is the latest in a series of operations against prominent insurgents and facilitators.

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