14 Mar. 2009
PR# 2009-234

Insurgents foiled in attempt to maim, kill

KABUL, Afghanistan – International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) forces based in Sangin, northern Helmand, successfully prevented insurgents from laying a potentially deadly roadside bomb earlier this week.

ISAF forces observed three men digging in a track several hundred meters from the base in the early evening on March 9. The men were initially believed to be either mending the track or laying an irrigation pipe, but local people using the road were seen to be deliberately avoiding the area. Suspicions were confirmed when the men produced a bomb and its trigger mechanism, which they placed into the hole.

Ensuring that no civilians were in the immediate area, to minimise any risk, an accurate weapon was used against the men. The device was destroyed in the process.

“It is clear that these men were laying an improvised explosive device on a busy route used on a daily basis by locals, Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF,” said Commander Paula Rowe, Task Force Helmand.

“These devices are totally indiscriminate and it is highly likely that if detonated, innocent people of Sangin could have been killed or injured. The quick response of ISAF troops stopped the bombers and therefore prevented death or serious injury to people using that track.”

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