04 Mar. 2009
PR# 2009-220

Boy injured by insurgents near Kajaki

Kabul, Afghanistan - A boy injured by insurgent fire near Kajaki has been treated by International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) doctors.

ISAF troops conducting a routine patrol in Shabaz Kheyl area, Kajaki district, March 1 came under fire, including inaccurate enemy mortars, from multiple enemy locations. The patrol identified the enemy locations and immediately returned accurate fire with its own weapons.

Shortly after the incident, locals brought an injured young male to the ISAF base. The doctor treated the boy and called for an ISAF helicopter to evacuate him to the ISAF hospital at Kandahar for further medical care, where he is recovering well.

All the evidence indicates that the boy’s injuries were caused by indiscriminate enemy fire.

"This latest incident, where a child has been caught up in an ambush of an ISAF patrol, shows yet again that the insurgents have a total and blatant disrespect for the lives of Afghans of any age," said Commander Paula Rowe, Task Force Helmand.

ISAF regrets any injuries caused to civilians. ISAF forces receive extensive training in order to prevent civilian casualties, whilst at the same time taking appropriate actions to protect themselves when threatened.

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