03 Mar. 2009
PR# 2009-213

Investigation clears ISAF after explosion kills three Afghan children

KABUL, Afghanistan - Preliminary findings of a joint Canadian Forces National Investigation Service and Afghan National Police investigation following the explosion on 23 February near Kandahar are now available. As a result of the explosion, two local children were killed and two injured, one of whom later died of his injuries.

Brigadier-General Jon Vance, the commander of Canadian troops in Kandahar province, said the explosive did not belong to his soldiers, who held a range practice in the area the day before the tragedy. 

“The burden of proof and experience in this part of the province places the likelihood of harming people with explosives squarely on the shoulders of the insurgency, not on the shoulders of Canadians” said Vance.

The preliminary findings of the investigation have determined that the device which caused the explosion was most probably an Improvised Explosive Device or mine not consistent with ammunition used by the ISAF troops previously in the area. These findings are based upon the evidence collected, witness interviews and analysis of explosive residue.

ISAF asks civilians to avoid handling unexploded munitions, even if they appear to be safe. Citizens are asked to notify their local Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army or ISAF unit so that trained professionals can safely destroy such dangerous items. Those of the Kandahar area are encouraged to contact the hotline at 0700377591.

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