02 Mar. 2009
PR# 2009-210

Civilian Casualties in Sangin

As has been previously announced, on 23 February, in Sangin, an incident took place during which there were civilian casualties. 

Representatives from the Helmand Province’s Government Office, the Provincial Shura, the Prosecutor’s Office, the NDS, the Counter-Terrorism Department and ISAF were sent to the site to conduct a thorough and wide ranging investigation. Their report shows while the Enemies of Afghanistan were using civilian houses, religious facilities and other community buildings for their terrorist activities, in Sangin, on the 23 Feb, at the Gul Agha Sheli Village, they ambushed an ISAF Patrol, which defended itself as the attack continued for a few hours.

Regretfully, as a result of this engagement 8 people were killed and 17 people were injured.  There were also casualties inflicted on the enemy.

The Provincial Government has requested financial help and assistance for the casualties and for those with property damaged. In Helmand, ISAF have accepted this request and will give out help and assistance when the claim procedure is completed. 

ISAF regrets any incident when they cause civilian casualties and will continue to work hard to try and stop this kind of incident taking place.

For further information please call:

  • Daoud Ahmadi, Provincial Governor’s Spokesman
    • 0799534053
    • 0700302009
    • 07953912222
  • Commander Paula Rowe, Royal Navy, Task Force Helmand Spokesperson
    • 0798167805

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