28 Feb. 2009
PR# 2009-200

ANP graduates 354 new members into its ranks

KABUL, Afghanistan - Eight weeks of training came to an end on February 26th for 354 new members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) as they graduated from the Recruit Training Course during a ceremony held in the ANP Region South Recruit Training Camp near Kandahar City.

Throughout the course, the ANP officers were taught the basics in watch standing, entry control, investigative procedures and search and seizure techniques.

“We keep it basic because these guys come from all over the region and different areas have different procedures for what works,” said U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Michael McGrath, acting Officer in Charge of training at the camp. “Field training for their location will be given by the Police Mentoring Teams (PMT) in their area and it will be the most beneficial training to make them effective officers in the field. This recruit training course is their first of many steps.”

At the ceremony, Kandahar Provincial Governor Turyalay Wisa, expressed his great pride to the graduates for their commitment, “this responsibility now rests on your shoulders.”

“There is a big distance between the people and its government and it is your job to bridge the gap between them,” he said. “Together, with our partners from the international community, you will help this country return to greatness.”

This is the first class to graduate in 2009. McGrath, who single-handedly wrote a 900-page training guide that will become the official manual for the ANP training camp, will head out to Helmand where he will join a PMT to continue training ANP officers.

“Continuous training is an example set by the U.S. military as well as other countries,” he said. “We learn by being flexible and constantly growing from experience. I’m hoping we can bring that to the ANP because it will be them, alongside the Army, which will care for Afghanistan and its people long after we’re gone. I definitely see an endpoint to our presence in the future because these men are examples of what dedication can do for a country.”

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