23 Feb. 2009
PR# 2009-177

First police substation opens in Uruzgan

KABUL, Afghanistan - Deputy Governor Khoday Rahim and Provincial Police Commander Jumah Guhl opened the Dizak Police Substation, the first police substation in Uruzgan, on 22 February. Commander Task Force Uruzgan, Brigadier Tom Middendorp, and Senior Civil Representative Joep Wijnands participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of the new substation. 

Said Osman, the Deh Rawod District Chief presided over the ceremony, attended by local elders and civic leaders from Dizak.  It marks the first of ten new police substations to be built in the province. The replacement of local police checkpoints with more centralised police substations located in the populated areas of Uruzgan supports the role of the Afghan National Police (ANP) in community policing.

“This Police Substation is a sign of development which will support the role of ANP in overall security in Uruzgan” said Brigadier Middendorp. “It brings the police closer to the population and means that they will be able to conduct ‘community policing’.”

Members of a Dutch military Police Mentoring Team (PMT) worked with the ANP in Dizak and Deh Rawod, training them to operate more independently. While Brigadier Middendorp underlined his pride in the fact that the Dutch military can contribute to the security of Afghanistan, he added: “Security will be achieved with the cooperation of the people of Uruzgan.”

According to Sergeant Major Sander, the team leader for the Deh Rawod PMT, “The intent is to close some of the smaller posts in this area, and to station the ANP at the substation. Mentoring the ANP is more effective when the police are centralised,” he explained. “The intent is to bring the police closer to the people. In this way the police can better perform their role of community policing.”

The Uruzgan Provincial Reconstruction Team developed the plan to concentrate local police checkpoints into a central police substation. The construction of the substation took six months.

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