12 Feb. 2009
PR# 2009-133

ANA forces improve security north of Lashkar Gah

The ANA, supported by ISAF, seized weapons and equipment during Operation Attal (ISAF Photo - Click to enlarge)

KABUL, Afghanistan - Security has been improved north of Laskar Gah. The Afghan National Army (ANA) supported by International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) forces established a vital police checkpoint during Operation Attal.

From January 10-19, elements of the ANA’s 1st and 3rd Brigades of 205th Hero Corps, commanded by General Mohaiyodin Ghori, struck against the Taliban stronghold of Spin Masjid, defeating insurgents, seizing weapons and equipment, discovering scores of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and there by improving security in the area. 

Their aim was to build a security checkpoint at a canal crossing point and construct a new Patrol Base, allowing the Afghan National Police (ANP) to better control the movement of people through the area.

January 11, a company of Afghan Warriors (the Afghan term used to describe their riflemen), advanced towards a crucial road junction, supported by Danish infantry, mortars and Leopard 2 tanks from The Jutland Dragoons, British counter-IED specialists from 59th Commando Royal Engineers and the British Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams (OMLT). The engineers discovered seven IEDs that day, and an additional five were discovered in the area by the end of the operation.

“It is great to work together with the British OMLT and we developed a good friendship. Our goals are the same: clear the area from the Taliban and give the local Afghans a chance to return to their homes so they can return to a normal and peaceful living,” said 1st Lt. Sharif Idin, Platoon commander, 1st Coy 205th ANA Battalion.

On January 19, the operation was successfully completed. The discovery of nearly 30 IEDs served to protect both security forces and civilians from danger and the ANA had demonstrated their growing capability and capacity to plan and carry out large-scale operations, extending security and gaining important consent for the legitimate forces of the Afghan government. 

"This operation has been hugely significant in the development of the ANA's 3-205 Brigade. It has been the first time that they have commanded a multinational Brigade-level operation of this complexity; with their British Mentors from 1st Rifles they have brought in Canadian, and Danish ground forces, and a whole array of multinational aircraft and artillery,” said Major Ben Tomkins, 1st Rifles, Chief of Staff OMLT and British Ground Commander.

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