10 Feb. 2009
PR# 2009-124

Royal Marines seize arms and explosives from insurgent compound

KABUL, Afghanistan - Royal Marines from 42 Commando Group, operating as the Regional Battle Group for Southern Afghanistan, have seized and destroyed weapons and bomb-making materials in the latest wave of Operation SHAHI TANDAR (Royal Storm).

The Marines, alongside Afghan security forces, troops from the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment and 2-2 Infantry U.S. Army, launched the three-day operation from January 29-31, deliberately targeting the flow of weapons, explosives and IEDs used by the enemy.

The Marines of Lima Company used a rapid helicopter assault to deploy into an area in the western Afghanistan district of Zhari-Panjwayi, Kandahar province. The speed of the Marines’ raid caught the insurgents off guard as they systematically swept through the area conducting searches of compounds and farm buildings.

The Marines uncovered a large amount of stashed weapons hidden in one of the compounds, including a dozen AK-47 automatic rifles, magazines, ammunition, sacks of home-made explosives, detonator cord used to make IEDs, and six anti-personnel mines. 

This was a deliberately bold and targeted operation, aimed at degrading the insurgents capability in the area. As ever, the speed and agility of air manoeuvre and the thoroughness of the Marines’ searching techniques proved a robust recipe for success,” said Major Neil Willson, Chief of Staff of 42 Commando Group. “We dictate the pace of operations in this area, and the insurgents know this. They are constantly behind the game as we emerge from the Afghan winter.

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