04 Feb. 2009
PR# 2009-112

ISAF Forces conduct precision ordnance drop on enemy position

KABUL, Afghanistan - On February 2, 4km North East of Forward Operating Base Price in the Gereshk district of Helmand Province, ISAF Forces were attacked by insurgents from positions inside a compound.  ISAF forces, being under immediate threat, directed accurate fire into the enemy position.  The troops had positively identified the compound and that the only inhabitants were enemy forces.

After positive identification of the enemy was confirmed and the immediate area cleared of local Afghans, troops called for a targeted precision ordnance drop from ISAF air support.

A short time later, a single munition was dropped and guided straight into the enemy compound.  Damage was completely contained within the compound and ISAF troops confirmed that the threat was removed.

ISAF can confirm that throughout this precisely targeted operation the only damage caused was to the compound used by the enemy.  ISAF takes extreme care when an escalation of force is required against an enemy who continually attacks from within local communities.

ISAF can confirm no civilians were injured or put at risk throughout this operation.

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