08 Jan. 2009
PR# 2009-026

Successful operation against Taliban IED facilitator

KABUL, Afghanistan - A recent ISAF operation has resulted in the death of Mahamed Gul, an IED facilitator who is known to have been involved in numerous indiscriminate attacks against local Afghans and Security Forces in the Musa Qal’eh area. He was also a known criminal in the area. A number of enemy forces were also killed in this operation, and a quantity of weapons destroyed.

This successful operation followed soon after the discovery of a bomb that had been laid close to two mosques in Musa Qal’eh, in an area where children were playing. On that occasion, it was only the bravery of a local citizen and quick thinking of the Musa Qal’eh Afghan National Police that ensured the device was reported and removed.

Spokesperson for Task Force Helmand, Commander Paula Rowe, said “This has been a very successful operation and another step forward in making Musa Qal’eh safer for the people. This man was involved in actions that directly caused deaths and injuries among local Afghans and the security forces. By eliminating the threat posed by another enemy of peace, ISAF forces continue to support the Afghan National Security Forces and Governor Mangal in providing security to the people of Helmand.”

In December another deliberate and precise operation killed another known IED facilitator, Haji Wrorak, who had been involved in numerous indiscriminate attacks against local Afghans and ISAF Forces. 

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