31 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-755

Child injured during escalation of force incident

KABUL, Afghanistan - Yesterday morning a vehicle accelerated towards an ISAF foot patrol in Sangin Bazaar. The driver failed to respond to the standard escalation of force procedures, which included verbal warnings and hand signals.  The patrol then fired a single shot into the engine block of the vehicle in order to make it stop. The round ricocheted off the engine block of the car and struck a passenger in the vehicle. 

The vehicle then stopped and an ISAF soldier noted that a 12-year-old boy had been injured. The boy was taken to an ISAF base where he was given immediate medical treatment. He was subsequently flown to an ISAF medical facility for further treatment.

The District Governor is holding a shura to inform the locals about the incident.

ISAF regrets any injuries caused to civilians. ISAF soldiers are trained to take steps to minimize civilian casualties, while at the same time taking appropriate action to protect themselves when threatened.  In this incident the driver of the vehicle did not react to the warnings given. It is vital for their safety that civilians react immediately to instructions from Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF soldiers.

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