28 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-746

B-62 Engineers build combat outpost in Maywand

KABUL, Afghanistan - It’s been a busy six months for members of Bravo Company for the U.S. Army’s 62nd (B-62 ENG) Engineers Brigade.

After completing construction for Forward Operating Base RAMROD in the western Maywand District of Kandahar Province--a four-month project that began in July--they are now two weeks into the construction of Combat Outpost (COP) TERMINATOR in the southern portion of Maywand.

Capt. David Dake, Bravo Company Commander, said that in just eight days, construction was 60-percent complete.

“The construction is easy when you have everything you need to build,” Dake said, noting that the biggest challenge to prompt completion is receiving building materials on time, particularly at a deployed location. “But with everything in place, things can go smoothly and in the case of TERMINATOR, its design was just a smaller scale version of RAMROD so we knew exactly what to do here.”

TERMINATOR, which is being built in the southeastern region of Maywand district, will be used by members of Alpha Company for the U.S. Army’s 2nd Brigade 2nd Infantry (2-2 INF), who have been conducting security operations prior to and during construction of the COP.

Capt. Dake said with the 2-2 INF in place, he doesn’t worry about security and neither does his crew.

“If we worried about those kinds of things, we’d never get done as quickly as we’re expected to,” he said. “Our worries are more about where we’re going to put water drainage and how many housing tents to build.”

The B-62 Engineers, deployed out of Ft. Sill, Okla., work out of Jalalabad for ISAF Regional Command East. Dake expects TERMINATOR’s construction to be completed sometime in January after which he anticipates returning to RAMROD for expansion projects before returning to the U.S. in the spring.

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