28 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-745

ANA, ISAF forces capture senior Taliban leader

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan and ISAF forces captured a senior Taliban leader in Logar Dec. 27.

Prior to his capture, he was involved in the planning and execution of attacks against Afghan National Army and ISAF soldiers, and led an ambush against Antiqullah Ludin, the Governor of Logar.

“The capture of this senior Taliban leader will significantly disrupt Taliban extremist efforts in Logar Province,” said Captain Mark Windsor Royal Navy, ISAF Spokesman.

No civilians, ANA or ISAF soldiers were wounded in the operation. With the assistance of ISAF, the ANA conducted the operation quickly and without disruption to the local populace.

“This joint operation demonstrates the growing capability of the ANA and their ability to disrupt the Taliban’s leadership which threatens the peace and security of Afghan citizens,” said General Azimi, MOD spokesman.

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