18 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-721

Spanish Air Force donates supplies to Herat

General Jose Jimenez Ruiz, Spanish Air Force Chief of Staff, greets Herat Province community leaders at Camp Arena (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan - Spanish Air Force chief of staff General Jose Jimenez Ruiz visited with Spanish troops and delivered donated supplies to the Herat Province Assistant Governor Mir Adbolkhaleq at Camp Arena, Dec. 14.

Ruiz arrived at Camp Arena in the morning and met with the Spanish forces here prior to the ceremony.  He attended a lunch with the troops and thanked them for their service in Afghanistan’s Regional Command West.

“I would like to say a few words to the personnel of the Spanish Air Force deployed in Herat,” said Ruiz.  “I feel proud of the work our personnel are doing in Afghanistan.”

After the luncheon, the party proceeded to a hangar on the flight line where Ruiz met with Adbolkhaleq and other Herat community leaders.  More than 50 tons of food, clothing items, baby supplies and other essential items were on display to showcase Spain’s commitment to the people of Afghanistan.

“Our presence here, in Herat, is like a bridge that connects the Spanish society with the Afghan one,” Ruiz stated.  “It is a good explanation of our citizens´ commitment to the social welfare of this country. Our people are naturally caring. One of the most important priorities of our society is helping the people from other countries who suffer due to conflicts or natural disasters.”

The items were delivered to Camp Arena on a contracted flight, for distribution in Herat province.  All supplies were collected by the Spanish Air Force with contributors from several Spanish companies. 

After the donated items were delivered to Herat key leaders, both Ruiz and Adbolkhleq signed Camp Arena’s honor book and concluded the ceremony.

“We are proud of representing Spain in Afghanistan and to collaborate in the process of reconstruction,” Ruiz stated. 

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