14 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-713

ANP and ISAF forces seize narcotics and weapons

KABUL, Afghanistan — Joint operations conducted by ANP and ISAF forces earlier this week resulted in the finding of weapons, explosive ordnance and narcotics.

ANP and ISAF forces conducted two operations on Dec 9. and Dec. 10 in the Tagab Valley of Kapisa province.

On Dec. 9, in the vicinity of Shelwatay, forces seized 10kg of narcotics, several weapons, sim cards, mobile phones and identification cards. On Dec.10, they discovered roughly 5kg of narcotics and some explosive ordnance in the vicinity of Dahminji.

This successful joint operation between ANP and ISAF reinforces the ability of the ANP to respond rapidly to information provided by concerned local citizens,” said Captain Mark Windsor, Royal Navy, a spokesperson for ISAF. “It also reinforces that the ANP are able to detect this type of criminal activity and seek to bring justice to the people of Kapisa province.”

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