14 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-712

Zabul PRT works with team-mates to provide medical assistance to Afghans

KABUL, Afghanistan – Hundreds of people received an early Eid gift of medical care and humanitarian assistance when the members of Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), the Afghan National Army and other Coalition Forces participated in a medical operation to provide support to a local village.

Winter in Zabul province is a very critical time for the population. It is a struggle to provide food and warmth and to take care of basic needs when the weather turns cold. The team identified the need for this assistance and moved quickly to provide care and support for the men, women and children of Zabul.

Nearly 500 patients were seen, and of those, Zabul PRT physician assistant Alex Lowe provided medical assistance to over 100 women. “The majority seen were suffering from upper respiratory, dermatologic, and gastrointestinal complaints,” she said, adding that “The local population was very excited to see us and grateful for our presence.”

The team worked with a local doctor, who also saw and treated patients. “It was important for the local population to see an Afghan doctor there as well,” said Lieutenant Lowe. “This shows the public that we are here to help them improve their quality of life, not just to solve short-term problems.”

“We distributed beans, rice, sugar, and supplies for the winter” said Staff Sgt. Adam Bromley, Zabul PRT civil affairs team sergeant. “These rations will hopefully provide some relief from the cold winter and sustain their families, even if only for a short time.”

“Today’s mission was a total team effort,” said Sergeant Bromley. “The success today was a collaborative effort from the ANA, the local doctors, our coalition partners and the PRT.”

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