13 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-710

ISAF accidentally injures five local people in Garmsir District

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF has accidentally injured five locals in the Garmsir District of Helmand province, during an engagement with the Taliban Dec. 12.

While ISAF troops were conducting a reassurance patrol to the south of Garmsir, they were engaged from 4 different compounds by the enemy using small arms fire. The ISAF patrol returned fire using small arms and mortars in order to break contact with the enemy and leave the area safely.

Shortly after this incident, five civilians went to the ISAF base in Garmsir with burns. Each of them received immediate medical care at the base, before being transferred by helicopter to the ISAF hospital in Camp Bastion for further medical treatment.

ISAF deeply regrets incidents where civilians are injured by its action. ISAF forces take every precaution they can possible to avoid accidents like this when engaging the enemies of Afghanistan. Procedures are in place, and are being constantly updated in the light of experience, to minimise the risk to local Afghan communities.

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