10 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-700

SACEUR visits Zabul Province, Afghanistan

ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan-SACEUR delegation visits FOB Lagman (ISAF Photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan – General John Craddock, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) visited ISAF soldiers in Task Force Zabul on Dec. 9.

Commander ISAF Regional Command South, Major General Mart de Kruif, hosted SACEUR and his special guest Ambassador Sorin Dumitru Ducaru from Romania. Other guests were Mrs. Angeline Eijsingk of the Netherlands Social Democratic Party, Mr. Roger Zakheim, the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence, Key Leaders Training Advisor Ed McCarthy and economist Hernando De Soto. 

Task Force Zabul (TFZ) key leaders briefed the visitors on various topics such as their organisational structure, capabilities, achievements, priorities and future plans.

ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan-General John Craddock participating in the briefings (ISAF Photo)

One of the main topics covered was the security on Highway One. It was stressed that maintaining freedom of movement for both civilian and ISAF personnel remains paramount.

PRT personnel briefed the General on the process of voter registration, which will start after Eid, lasting for a month.

The Commander of Task Force Zabul also explained the Counter Narcotics efforts that the governor and the local authorities in collaboration with the PRT undertake.  

General Craddock appreciated the unity of effort and commitment of all organisations acting in the Zabul Province. In his address he stated “I thank you for your efforts. I know that it is not easy to operate whilst separated from your families in this environment.”

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