10 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-699

Wardak PRT help prepare people for winter

Wardak Province, Afghanistan - Members of the Wardak Province sort through some of the items provided by the PRT. (ISAF Photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan — Over the past three months the Provisional Reconstruction Team in Wardak Province has provided almost 33,000 tons of food to the people of Wardak. This assistance, which was targeted at the most vulnerable groups, will be used to prepare the people for the upcoming winter.

Besides food, the PRT provided 1,300 wool blankets, 900 sheets of plastic and 400 stoves. They also distributed 9,500 items of clothing.

Non-food humanitarian aid included 1,900 boxes of medicine, and other medical supplies and healthcare products.

Wardak Province, Afghanistan - A PRT member provides a medical examination to a young Afghan boy. (ISAF Photo)

Wardak is one of the poorer provinces in Afghanistan, with very few commercial activities. Almost all their revenue derives from agriculture and remittances from elsewhere. Wardak has been severely affected by the drought over the past years.

The PRT has provided significant contributions of food and health care and have ongoing humanitarian programmes in place to assist the people of Wardak Province.

The PRT continues to assess the humanitarian needs of the people and also help the local administrators with emergency coordination work. They are also encouraging the international relief agencies to start implementing substantial and direct humanitarian aid programmes in Wardak, and developing relations with the local government and leaders of the local communities.

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