10 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-696

Governor Mangal Visits 3rd Brigade of 205 Corps at Camp Shorabak

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan--In his speech to the troops, Governor Mangal wished the them a happy and peaceful Eid. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan – Governor Gulab Mangal of Helmand Province took time on the eve of Eid to visit troops from 205 Corps’ 3rd Brigade (3/205 Bde). He was accompanied by Colonel Sherzad, Provincial Chief of Police and Dr. Naim, Provincial head of the NDS.

The party flew into Camp Bastion via a United States Blackhawk helicopter where they met with 3/205 Brigade commander, Brigadier General Muhaiyodin Ghori and the commander of the British Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team for Task Force Helmand, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Cavanagh.

The Governor’s party was escorted by Afghan Warriors from the 1st Kandak, 3/205 Bde and British Riflemen from the 1st Battalion, The Rifles”. The 3/205 Bde and the First Rifles have been working together since September 2008.

During his visit to the 3rd Brigade, Governor Mangal inspected the Warriors of the Brigade and gave a moving speech. He praised the virtues of the soldiers, in particular, their selflessness and willingness to risk their lives for a better Afghanistan. He concluded by wishing them all a happy and peaceful Eid.

The ANA have conducted a number of impressive operations in Helmand during 2008 and have demonstrated that they are becoming increasingly capable and are beginning to take over greater responsibility for security throughout the country.

Last week Governor Mangal met with 160 tribal elders in Lashkar Gah to discuss security in the province.  He assured the Shura that under his leadership, the government would make improvements to security throughout Helmand Province a key priority.  In the last year Musa Qala and Garmsir have rejected the Taliban and he pledged that more of the Province would come under government control in the coming months.

Speaking at the Shura, Governor Mangal said that so far, “It has been a hard year for our brave police and soldiers, but it has been a much harder year for the enemies of the people.  Our enemies have lost more men and many commanders.  More importantly they have found through experience that they cannot defeat us.  This has made them angry and caused them to turn to dishonourable tactics, such as suicide attacks and roadside bombs, which indiscriminately kill civilians and are an affront to the holy teachings of Islam.  They should be ashamed.  They will not win.”

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