9 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-694

Team Zabul fixes Governor’s security during district tour

KABUL, Afghanistan – Members of the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) facilitated a meeting between Provincial Governor Del Bar Arman and the leaders of Shajoy district recently.

The visit came shortly after a suicide bomber attacked an Afghan National Army compound nearby.

Given the delicate security situation, the PRT was called upon to help with transport and the security of the meeting. The Governor was accompanied by Janet Gul, the Mayor of Qalat City, Major General Jamal Uddin, the commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 205 Corps ANA, Colonel Griegourous, the Task Force Zabul commander, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Torelli, the PRT commander and members of the PRT staff.

The first stop was at the ANA compound where the Governor thanked the soldiers of the ANA for their service and bravery during the recent attack.

During the second stop, at the local hospital, Governor Arman chatted with patients and reviewed the facilities. He didn’t come empty-handed as the PRT provided a truck, loaded with supplies, to give to the hospital and its patients in preparation for winter.

He was also able to witness the benefits of the PRT water and sanitation project. Captain William Ericco, a doctor with the Zabul PRT, said, “This water sanitation project is very important for the province. With the help of the Governor we expect to reach many more people who can benefit from this project.”

The last stop during the tour through the district was at a shura held with the local tribal leaders. On the agenda was the current security situation, humanitarian assistance and future reconstruction and development projects. 

“Considering the recent events, it was very important that Governor Arman was able to visit the district of Shajoy,” said Lt. Col. Andrew Torelli. “The personnel of the PRT was honoured [to have met the Governor]and very pleased that we could facilitate today’s events.”

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