6 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-690

Incident this morning in Nad-i-Ali

KABUL, Afghanistan — ISAF is aware of an incident that took place in the area of Nad-i-Ali, Helmand province this morning where ISAF forces, operating in support of an ANA operation, came under heavy and sustained fire from a clearly identified compound.

After sustained contact from the enemy from numerous positions, and having exhausted all other means of extracting themselves from the area, they called for close air support.

Two targeted air strikes were carried out as a last resort to enable the joint patrol to leave the area safely.

An investigation is ongoing. ISAF can confirm that 2 people were killed and 6 others injured. These individuals were brought to an ISAF base in Nad-i-Ali after the incident. The cause and status of these casualties has yet to be established and is subject to investigation.

After initial medical treatment, the 4 most seriously injured casualties were taken to the ISAF hospital at Camp Bastion. The 2 others remained at the ISAF base. Of the 4 taken to the ISAF hospital, 2 have since been detained. The 2 less seriously injured casualties, who stayed at the ISAF base in Nad-i-Ali, have also been detained.

Spokesman for Governor Ghulab Mangal, Daoud Ahmadi, said: “Taliban fighters have always ruthlessly used religious places, public buildings and civilian houses as their bases, which causes civilian casualties.

“Their actions are contrary to Islamic rules and Afghan behaviour.”

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