6 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-688

Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team works to modernises medical facilities

Zabul, Afghanistan--Capt. Brent Barnstuble shows the humanitarian rations that were supplied along with the medical prefabs to the district of Atgar in Zabul Province. (ISAF photo)

Kabul, Afghanistan – Through the rough terrain of the Afghan mountains, members of the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction team and members of the Kentucky Army National Guard delivered four medical prefabricated containers to the Atgar district centre.

These prefabs will be used in areas of Atgar as medical facilities. Each prefab is 12 feet tall by 20 feet wide and houses two rooms, heating and cooling systems, a sink and a generator. These units are given to doctors who currently have limited facilities so they can serve their area in a better way.

This is the second round of medical prefabs to be delivered. "The first set went to the Suri village in Zabul.  Atgar was selected for this delivery because of the need for improved medical facilities" said Dr. (Capt.) Brent Barnstuble, Zabul PRT doctor. “The locations also need to be relatively close to the Afghan National Security Forces to ensure security.”

Currently Atgar has one medical provider who sees about 250 patients per week. His staff consists of one pharmacist, four people to administer vaccinations and four additional workers, although he has no access to laboratories or x-ray facilities.

“By providing the Afghan people a place to deliver basic health care, the Afghan doctors will be able to do it better, safer and with improved accomodation,” said Dr. Barnstuble.

The PRT was able to safely and effectively deliver the prefabs and, working closely with the Afghan NGO ‘Ibinsina’, will be able to ensure their proper use. Ibinsina will manage, staff and resupply each facility.

“Ibinsina will take over the day-to-day operations of the prefabs,” said 1st Lt. Alex Lowe, Zabul PRT Physicians Assistant. “This allows the Afghan people to sustain the facilities themselves and continue to provide medical assistance to those in need.”

“The prefabs will hopefully encourage more people to seek medical care,” said Dr. Barnstuble. “These facilities are very important for the healthcare of the Afghan people.”

With the help of Ibinsina village the PRT is scheduled to deliver more medical prefabs in the Spring.

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