5 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-685

Kandahar PRT on track with integration approach

A KABUL, Afghanistan - ISAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Stability Rear Admiral Borsboom travelled to Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction team (PRT) to see first hand the effects of their integrated approach to stabilization in Kandahar.

The Kandahar PRT is an integrated team comprised of both military members and civilians including 50 development specialists. They have implemented a comprehensive action plan that incorporates all essential aspects of governance and development.

In the Joint District Coordination Center for instance, development and governance specialists work together with district governors and district managers. The aim is to work on projects and programmes that have an immediate positive impact on the local population, such as police mentoring and other social-economic programmes.

In the wake of the Saraposa prison incident earlier this year, a number of steps were taken to improve security. Most importantly is an integrated police mentoring program, which brought together five different agencies that have joined efforts to increase Kandahar’s police capability. It focuses on training mid-grade police officers on advance law enforcement techniques and procedures. At the same time, refurbishment of the Saraposa Prison is under way and is on track to achieve UN standards by spring 2009.

Results are clearly visible. “Coming back after three years, the difference is noticeable. Kandahar is much busier with motorcycles, busy markets, etc.,” commented an ISAF team member with years of experience in Afghanistan.

Public support may also show by the number of IEDs turned in by the citizens of Kandahar. Overall 70 to 90 percent of all IED found in Kandahar city are turned in by the local population. An indicator that the citizens and police are working together to bring an improved security situation.

“It is apparent that the Kandahar PRT has a well thought out strategy and has brought together a dedicated team to carry out their plan.”

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