1 Dec. 2008
PR# 2008-668

ISAF program provides supplies for school in Panjshir

KABUL, Afghanistan - An ISAF project provided 160 backpacks for schools in Panjshir Valley, Nov. 26.  They were handed to the principal of Gonah Village School in Anaba District, Panjshir province.

“Pencils, notebooks, crayons, backpacks and other supplies are listed in a catalog that can be ordered by ISAF personnel [for local schools],” said Sgt. Tristan Besa, Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team civil affairs.

Mullah Habib Raman, school principal, compiled a list of needed school supplies and submitted the request to Panjshir PRT.  The civil affairs team then acquired the items and consolidated them into 160 back packs filled to the brim.  Back packs were then delivered to Raman, who will distribute a back pack to each student.

Also in recent developments in Panjshir, the PRT dropped off over two truckloads of supplies with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Bazarak District on Nov. 25.

“We are working to get the province ready for the winter, and we are constantly working with government officials to ensure we are ready for whatever the winter might bring,” said Master Sgt. Blue Rowe, Panjshir PRT civil affairs.

“After 30 years of war where the infrastructure has been destroyed, the PRT is helping to rebuild more than just buildings.  They are helping the children of Afghanistan to succeed at getting an education,” said Raman.

“I thank the PRT for their assistance for my school, and Afghanistan,” Raman said.

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