30 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-665

Policeman dies in escalation of force incident

Kabul, Afghanistan - On the morning of Nov. 29, a vehicle failed to react to standard ISAF escalation of force procedures, which included firing a mini flare, hand signals and warning shots.

The vehicle continued at high speed toward an ISAF patrol and was judged by the ISAF soldiers to pose a direct threat to their lives. The soldiers then fired in self defence at the vehicle which failed to stop. ISAF soldiers then fired directly at the vehicle again.  The vehicle then stopped.

One of the passengers was wounded and received first aid at the scene from the ISAF patrol. He was later evacuated to an ISAF medical facility for emergency medical treatment. Unfortunately, he died of his wounds.  It was later established that the individual who was shot was a member of the Afghan National Police.

Colonel Sherzad, the Helmand Chief of Police said “I attach no blame to the ISAF forces and I understand the pressure they were operating under”.

He added that this incident would “…not affect the working relationship between ISAF forces and the ANP.  All security forces are trying to work together for the benefit of the people of Lashkar Gah”.

Both Colonel Sherzad and ISAF wish to remind everyone to adhere to all signals and warnings to slow down and to stop on approaching a convoy or patrol. Failing to stop may be considered a hostile attack on the convoy or patrol.

This matter is under investigation.

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