29 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-664

Afghanistan, ISAF maintain pressure on insurgents

KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Soldiers from the Afghan National Security Forces join their international partners in an assembly area in Zharey district during Operation Janupi Tapu 2. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan — ISAF soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group, have completed Operation Janubi Tapu 2 in Zharey district, Kandahar.

The three-day operation, which took place Nov. 25-28, also included Afghan National Security Forces, U.S. mentor teams and British Royal Marine Commandos.

“The purpose of the operation was to disrupt insurgents in central Zharey district in order to substantially reduce their ability to plan, coordinate, stage and conduct offensive operations in and around Kandahar city,” said Lieutenant Colonel Roger Barrett, commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group.

KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — ISAF soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group, advance upon their objective in the Zharey district during Operation Janubi Tapu 2. (ISAF photo)

As the battle group pushed into Zharey, a traditional insurgent safe haven, they overwhelmed the insurgents’ capability to react, proving ANSF and ISAF have the ability to conduct operations at a time and location of their choosing.

Operation Janubi Tapu 2 targeted command and control nodes, seized compounds of interest and disrupted insurgent safe havens. Several weapons caches, IEDs and IED-making equipment were found and destroyed during the operation.

“The success of this operation means that the insurgents will remain off balance and will be less capable of terrorizing the citizens of Kandahar province,” said Brigadier General Denis Thompson, commander of Task Force Kandahar. “This will allow the government of Afghanistan and international partners to forge ahead with the crucial development work that will have a lasting impact on the people.”

Insurgent losses were significant during this operation and included 27 detainees taken by ANSF and ISAF forces.

“We will continue to aggressively operate during the winter months,” Lieutenant Colonel Barrett said. “The insurgents will have nowhere to rest, nowhere to hide and nowhere to reconstitute.”

The operation began days after the Afghan National Army and ISAF units completed three deliberate operations in Kandahar’s districts of Zharey, Panjwayi and Maywand. Operation Mutafiq Tander 6, Operation Janubi Tapu 1, and Operation Joosh Karay were synchronized to degrade the insurgents’ capabilities and leave them few options for escape.

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