29 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-662

PRT lights bazaar with solar power

KABUL, Afghanistan — ISAF’s Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team recently finished the installation of 90 solar-powered lights in communities across Zabul province.

The light installation is part of a project to use alternative energy whilst also providing a much needed service to the people of Zabul.

The citizens of Shajoy city originally identified the lighting problem. They wanted lights to illuminate their bazaar, which is the largest in the province, so it can stay open safely after sunset. The lighting would also allow the Afghan National Security Forces to safely conduct security patrols in the area.

“We work very hard at developing and maintaining strong relationships with the local community and local leaders” said Major Gregory Ulma, Zabul PRT civil affairs team leader. “The community is hungry for development, and local leaders asked for lighting for the bazaar. Already we have noticed an increase in commerce, which is also a sign of increased stability.”

The PRT choose solar lighting over electric due to the lack of electrical generation in Shajoy. Solar lighting also requires less maintenance. Powered by the suns rays, the lighting units can also store enough energy to operate for up to three sunless days.

With the help of the PRT, 50 additional lights were installed in the cities of Qalat and Shar-e Safi.

“The success of this project is overwhelming,” said Master Sergeant Tommy Phillips, Zabul PRT engineer. “We were able to provide the people of the communities with a much needed service and increased security as well.”

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