28 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-660

ISAF counters rocket attacks from insurgents

KABUL, Afghanistan — ISAF countered three attempts by insurgent forces to attack ISAF bases in Bermel district, Paktika, Nov. 27.

ISAF soldiers first saw two insurgents positioning rockets in preparation for an attack. The ISAF troops fired six artillery rounds at the location.

Within an hour, eight rockets were fired at the ISAF base. In response, ISAF fired four artillery rounds at the insurgents inside of Pakistan. Military observers watching the impact of the rounds reported secondary explosions.

In a third event, insurgents fired three rockets at the ISAF base. ISAF soldiers returned fire with 12 artillery rounds in response. Observers confirmed three secondary explosions and several killed insurgents.

ISAF closely coordinates its actions with the Pakistani Military.

One Afghan security guard received minor wounds from the insurgents’ attacks. There were no ISAF or civilian casualties.

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